Why We Love Probiotics (And You Should, Too!)

As we all know that probiotics are used by many people today for many of the problems that they might be facing. Probiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial for our body and help our body in functioning better. Probiotics may be found in many different foods and we love to make use of them as they have all the benefits that you just might be looking for. Did you know that evidence is now pointing to inflammation as a causative factor in autism and Attention deficit disorder?  There are more information in the book “the autism revolution” Martha Herbert who is a reknown pediatric neurologist and a brain development researcher. http://www.marthaherbert.org/Probiotics can help decreasing inflammation that can impact language, social and cognitive development. Further in this article you will read about a few interesting points about why we love probiotics.

Reasons why we love probiotics

  • Probiotics are the source of adding friendly and useful bacteria in your body. These friendly bacteria will help your body in absorbing all the nutrients and vitamins from the food that you are eating. It is very important for our body to absorb all these nutrients as this will then result in regulating our digestive system. Yes, this is true; good absorption of nutrients and vitamins means good digestion. So instead of taking medicines, it is much better to add probiotics in your diet and this is why we prefer it and you should too.
  • Is winter around the corner? Are you afraid you might catch flu or a cold? Well, we are ready to welcome winters with open arms without worrying about catching flu or a cold. Probiotics may help and reduce the chances of flu and cold as it helps in reducing the inflammatory response of our body. We take probiotics therefore, we are not afraid, and you should too! They will definitely protect you during the cold and flu season and help in improving your overall health and immune system.
  • As we know that high cholesterol level may result in heart diseases and a lot of other problems. You might be interested to know that with the help of friendly bacteria in our stomach, it will provide you with multiple purposes apart from keeping your stomach healthy. Studies show that with a regular intake of probiotics your body will gain help in increasing the cholesterol level of your body.
  • They help you get back on your feet when you have been down with a fever. They help boost our immune system and increase the energy level in our body. Therefore, when you have been down with a fever, it is highly beneficial to make use of them as they will help you bounce back to good health.

So these were just a few interesting facts or the main reasons why we love to take probiotics in our daily life. Over the course of time, we have witnessed that they are highly beneficial for human body and their intake will only help us.

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